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Training for puppies and older dogs helps set partnerships up for success, boosts relationships and helps prevent problems from occurring. We cover behaviours such as house training, puppy biting, lead walking, recall, focus on handler, play, keeping paws on the floor, leave, drop, food manners, confidence building, socialisation, reading body language and more.

Sunday classes take place at Severn Beach Village Hall,

Ableton Lane, Severn Beach, Bristol, BS35 4PP.

Tuesday and Thursday classes take place at Pilning Village Hall, Cross Hands Road, Pilning, Bristol. BS35 4JB.

Lessons are non refundable. This includes if dogs come into season, you forget a booking, are unwell, are on holiday, Weather, etc. 

Group classes cost £85 for a block of 6 x 1 hour lessons. For Puppy and Foundation, this includes a training booklet, email support and a rosette and certificate on completion of the course.


Private lessons - 121s cost £50 for an initial lesson and £40 for any following lessons.

This includes training notes and email support.

They can take place in your own home, at The Dog Field at Pilning, Severn Beach Village Hall or other outdoor locations.

Lessons are 50 minutes long if at The Dog Field and 1 hour if elsewhere.

Pre-puppy phone consult - book a phone consult to help choose the right dog for your lifestyle, or to help prepare for the arrival of your puppy or older dog. £20 for 45 minutes.

Special offer! - Clients who are already attending a 6 lesson training course (does not include hoopers, 3 week courses or workshops) can book 121 sessions at a reduced rate.

50 minutes/1 hour (depending on venue) - £35.00

30 minutes - £20.00

These are perfect for helping with a puppy or new dog before you join a booked class, or working on a specific behaviour or exercise you would like extra help with, such as lead walking, stays, play or recall.

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